Product Name : PCB In-line Cleaning Machine
Product Description




PCB In-line Cleaning Machine capability profile

  • After the SMT DIP product de-flux.
  • Mother board & Interface card.

PCB In-line Cleaning Machine specifications form

According your products requirement to manutacturing equipment
Model M/B UPH or Interface UPH
L330*W230mm        L150*W110mm
Machine Size (unit:meter) power consumption (KVA)
Y-01F 1250pcs/8H 4000pcs/8H L350xW121xH165 28.6KW
Y-02F 1600pcs/8H 6000pcs/8H L450xW121xH165 33.2KW
Y-03A 3000pcs/8H 9000pcs/8H L550xW136xH165 48.3KW
Power AC/220V.380V.415V   3PHASE 50/60HZ